Darien Squash, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the growth and development of squash for young residents of Darien (kindergarten-12th grade).

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2020-2021 DHS Captains


2020-2021 Boy's Captains: Will Morgan, Michael Dolcetti, Thomas Ostberg

2020-2021 Girl's Captains: Kenzie O’Shea, Kate Wolters, Sophie Napolitano


May 5, 2020 - COVID-19 Update


Refunds processed on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 2:00 PM/EDT

In light of the Board of Education's announcement that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year, Darien Youth Squash will be issuing a partial refund for the 2020 spring season. While disappointed about the season, we keep it in perspective. First and foremost, our hope is that you and your families are safe and healthy. For those of you who have been affected by this disease, our thoughts are with you. 

Partial Refund

Darien Squash is pleased to provide our families with a partial refund for the 2020 spring season. We have spent extensive time reviewing costs and are refunding as much as possible. We are in uncharted waters here and ask for patience and understanding. Please know that there are many upfront costs associated with the canceled 2020 spring season, such as program shirts, website fees and insurance.  There is no perfect solution, but we have worked hard to cut costs and are confident that we have come up with one that is fair given the circumstances.

2020 Spring Season: $350

Darien Youth Squash is a 501-C 3 organization run exclusively by volunteers, which is why we are able to keep costs low. We are doing the best we can to do right by all of our families. Please reviewing the following frequently asked questions:

Why are you not issuing a 100% refund?
There are fixed costs associated with the canceled season that the program incurred. Darien Youth Squash made every effort to refund as much as possible to our families by reducing as many costs as possible. 

How did you arrive at refund percentages? 
We reviewed the fixed costs and did our best to allocate the expenses fairly and accordingly.

When will I receive the refund?
We are working with League Athletics to get this done as quickly as possible. We hope to have the refunds issued within two to three weeks. 

Families who donate a portion of their 2020 spring season refund to Ox Ridge Club will receive a formal acknowledgment letter.  The donor may use this letter as proof of his or her contribution and claim a tax deduction.

What if I have not picked up my shirt?
There will be one final distribution date set when it is appropriate to do so.

How do I schedule my private lessons?
Two private lessons are included with each player's first registration.  We are not offering refunds for the private lessons, because the terms of the original agreement remain unchanged.  Private lessons are scheduled directly with Ox Ridge Club pros, squash@oxridge.com, and do not expire.

Team Seasonal Membership?
The 2019-2020 Team Seasonal Membership ends on May 31, 2020.  Families who paid March, April and May dues will receive a formal acknowledgment letter from Ox Ridge Club.  The donor may use this letter as proof of his or her contribution and claim a tax deduction.

Thank you for your continued support and may you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy in these uncertain and trying times.


Stay home. Stay Active. Help flatten the nick. 


Squash Specific Training Sessions from Home:

Adrian Grant’s Live Virtual Squash Training

  • The goal is to virtually connect the global squash community, with Adrian and fellow world ranked pro friends. As we train and communicate together, our training sessions will be squash themed weekly. Giving everyone invaluable information as they discuss the squash theme live, and of course the pro’s will be bringing their training which everyone will be participating in your home.

Illinois Squash Virtual Training

  • Join local Chicago pros every Sunday in April for live virtual squash training.

The Millman Experience

  • Participate in Richard Millman’s squash movement and choreography training on YouTube


  • MSquash Accelerator offers an online program with 25+ sessions a week for their members and shares some of their session with non-members too:
  • If people would like to know more and become part of the member community they can contact

Nicol Squash Virtual Academy

  • Our Virtual Academy is available to all junior players regardless of geographic location. Please note all sessions are LIVE yet also recorded. Therefore, if you miss a session you can make it up on your own schedule.

Nick Matthew

  • Follow Nick Matthew’s squash specific training series on instagram

Play Squash Academy

  • Follow Play Squash Academy on facebook to be part of live workout sessions. Will be live from Mclean racket and Health club FB page, PlaySquashAcademy FB page and IG playsquashAcademy.

PSA World Tour

  • #WorkoutWednesday series with PSA professionals on instagram

Squash on Fire Junior Virtual Training

  • Even though we can’t be together on the courts, we can still have fun, meet, play, and practice. During this time we will be posting content on our web-site page to help you stay squash ready and smiling.

Squash Zone

  • Join Squash Zone’s Richard Elliott and Aisling Blake as they share squash specific videos and online training

S2 Squash Online Academy

  • Starting Wednesday we will be kicking off S2 Squash Online Academy! We will use ZOOM as our new online home and our meeting ID will always be 499-499-2222. Additionally you’ll need a code which will be delivered on our new Instagram page – s2squashonlineacademy. The page is closed, so you’ll need to request permission.to follow and get the codes and additional information.

Video Shows and Podcasts

Manhattan Community Squash Show

  • You may be able to take the squash out of West 39th street, but you can’t take the squash out of Manhattan Squash. It’s our obsession, and we’ll keep bringing you squash no matter what the world brings all of us. Welcome to our newest creation: The Manhattan Squash Show. Coming to you live every day at 12 noon.

Squash Skills Challenges:

  • Daryl Selby’s #StayatHomeChallenge on Twitter
  • LB Squash 20 yard target challenge on Instagram
  • SquashEd’s 5-cone challenge on Instagram
  • Miguel’s Frame Challenge on Instagram