Darien Squash, Inc. is a local organization dedicated to the growth and development of squash for young residents of Darien (kindergarten-12th grade).

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Location: The correct location for the referee and marker is at the center of the back wall, as close to that wall as possible, above the out line on the back wall and preferably with seating.

Focus: The referee and marker may not talk to people while the match is being played, in between points, or during the 90-second interval between games.  Their attention should be completely focused on the match that is underway.

Cheering: The marker and the referee may not cheer or show favoritism while officiating and should attempt to be without actual or apparent bias. They should not applaud or verbally encourage the players.

Clarity: Markers and referees should make their calls loudly and clearly so that players and spectators can understand them easily.

Interference from coaches/spectators: Coaches, parents, and other spectators should not interfere with or comment verbally in any way about or to the referee or marker. If someone feels that there is a problem with the refereeing or marking, they need to address the problem with the tournament director.



The referee is the winner of their match, and is responsible for:

  • Timing the pre-match warm-up and 90-second breaks between games
  • Ruling on all requests for lets and strokes
  • Overseeing the marker’s calls and overturning them as necessary
  • Making calls for which the marker is responsible if the marker fails to do so or makes an incorrect call
  • The referee makes the following calls:
    • “Half-time” (after 2 1/2 minutes of warm-up when players switch sides)
    • “Time” (when warm-up ends and the optional 90-second break prior to play begins)
    • “15 seconds” (said loudly when 15 seconds remains in the 90-second break before or between games)
    • “Yes let,” “no let,” or  “stroke to ____” (in response to requests for lets)
    • “Out,” “not up,” “down,” or “fault” (when marker has failed to make an obvious call, or if the referee is positive the marker’s call was incorrect)
    • “Conduct warning to ____” (see section 17 of the World Squash Federation rules for guidelines regarding misconduct on court)
    • “Conduct stroke to ______”
    • “Conduct game to _______”
    • “Conduct match to ______”


The marker loss their match, and is responsible for:

  • Announcing the score
  • Keeping a written account of the score
  • Repeating all decisions by the referee
  • Announcing the service side
  • The marker makes the following calls:
    • “Best of 5 games, love all” (to begin play in the first game)
    • “Fault” (service out of court)
    • “Foot fault”
    • “Hand out” (change of server)
    • “Out” (ball goes out of court)
    • “Down” (ball hits the tin or the floor before reaching the front wall)
    • “Not up” (double bounce, double hit, or carry)
    • “10-all; a player must win by two points” (when the score is 10-10)
    • “Game ball” (said each time except match-ball)
    • “Match ball” (said every time it applies)
    • “Yes let,” “no let,” “stroke to ____” (the marker repeats the referee’s decisions for the players and spectators)



EXAMPLE 1 - Completed Scoresheet


EXAMPLE 2 - Completed Scoresheet (lines to define Hand Out)


EXAMPLE 3 - Blank Scoresheet


EXAMPLE 4 - US Court Specs