Darien Squash, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the growth and development of squash for young residents of Darien (kindergarten-12th grade).

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Program Details


Season Schedule: November 18, 2019 - March 6, 2020 (no practice: November 28-29; December 23-January 1; January 20; February 17-21)

Practice Schedule:

  • GROUP A: Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30
  • GROUP B: Thursdays 5:30-6:30 and Saturdays 3:00-4:00
  • GROUP C: Fridays 5:30-6:30 and Sundays 3:00-4:00

Match Schedule: update your availability at https://doodle.com/poll/29wg4b9xxcn762vb

  1. ​Friday, 11/22, Darien vs. Greenwich​, 6-8pm @MSquash, Portchester, NY
  2. Monday, 11/25, Darien vs. Westport, ​4-6pm @ Ox Ridge Club
  3. ​Monday, 12/2, Darien vs. Rye​, 4-6pm @Ox Ridge Club​
  4. Saturday, 12/7, 2019 FWPSSA Jamboree, 11:30 AM-8:30 PM @CPCT/MSquash
  5. Monday, 12/9, Darien vs. New Canaan, 4-6pm @Ox Ridge Club
  6. Friday, 12/20, Darien vs. Squash Haven, 2:30-4:30 @YALE
  7. Monday, 1/6, Darien vs. Greenwich, 4-6pm @Ox Ridge Club
  8. Saturday, 1/11 2020 FWPSSA Jamboree, 11:30 AM-8:30 PM @CPCT/MSquash
  9. Friday, 1/24, Darien vs. Weston, 6:45-8:15pm, @ Intensity, Norwalk, CT
  10. Monday, 1/27, Darien vs. Westport, 4-6pm @ Ox Ridge Club
  11. Friday-Sunday, 1/31-2/2, Middlesex Middle School US Squash Middle School Team Squash Championships "Nationals", all day @YALE
  12. Saturday, 2/8 2020 FWPSSA School Cup, 11:30 AM-8:30 PM @CPCT/MSquash


Private Lessons 


Included in your team registration fee are 2 private lessons with an Ox Ridge Club (ORC) Squash Pro.  To schedule these lessons, please complete the following information.  An email will automatically be sent to ORC who will then follow-up with you to confirm your lesson times.  Please note that Ox Ridge manages the scheduling of ALL lessons.

Link: http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=156902&org=dariensquash.com

Password (lowercase): ox

Email   if you have questions.

Ladder Matches


About the Initial Ladder: The initial ladder was created using the below criteria.  Please note that the initial ladder is a starting point, and it will never be the same, so please don’t assume your current position is accurate.

  1. US Squash rating
  2. Player’s grade
  3. Player’s age

Ladder Rules:

  • Email
  • Start Date 11/18/2019, End Date 3/1/2020
  • Players are responsible for self refereeing their own match, or asking teammates to referee their match
  • Parents, friends, teammates are not allowed to interfere with a match; no cheering
  • Coaching is not allowed before or during a challenge match, advice can be given when the match ends
  • Players agree on final scores, and winner enters scores into US Squash System within 24 hours
  • Score Validation: First to 11 with 2 point advantage, best of 5 games  
  • Maximum number of challenge positions above player: 2
  • What happens when the challenge is NOT played: Win for challenger
  • Action taken after challenge has NOT been played: 5 days
  • Loser must wait before challenging same player: 6 days
  • Maximum number of concurrent challenges initiated: 2 challenges
  • Maximum number of concurrent challenges accepted: 1

Accessing the Ladder:

  1. Email
  2. To view the ladder go to https://clublocker.com/login?&tokenInvalid=1
  3. Across the top click on your Name and then "MY PROFILE" from the drop-down menu
  4. Under your personal masthead click on "LADDERS"
  5. In the content area click on "(Mixed) Darien Middle School Ladder"
  6. Click on buttons to initiate an action, e.g., recording scores

Training: If you are interested in learning more about the challenge ladder and how to manage it in the US Squash system, please join us for coffeee and doughnuts on November 9, at 9:30-10:45 AM in the Darien Library Conference Room.

Create a free US Squash account


All players are required to have a US Squash Account to participate on this team: https://www.ussquash.com/serve/?program=newaccount

Equipment, Uniforms, and Dress Code


White tops and white bottoms are required to practice at Ox Ride Club (ORC). Non-marking squash sneakers are required (Please do not wear your squash sneakers outside; always change into street shoes before and after you enter the squash courts). Racquet. Safety goggles.

The official uniform is a white Harrow team shirt and white bottoms.  The team shirt is included with your registration.

Please visit our Team Store to order (closes 11/24) to order spirit wear.
 if you are interested in ordering fear the Club's Pro Shop.
Drop-off and pick-up loop, and parking


  1. Enter Ox Ridge Club at 512 Middlesex Rd.
  2. Turn right into the loop around the flag pole (blue arrows)
  3. Drop players at the end of the sidewalk
  4. Players should follow the sidewalk past the Clubhouse (red arrow)
  5. enter the squash area via the last door on the left, squash entrance
  6. Players should drop their bag and change into their squash sneakers outside of the doubles court
  7. Parents are welcome to park in the designated parking area (Please DO NOT pick-up and drop-off in the designated parking area)
  8. Players should ALWAYS enter the Clubhouse through the squash entrance, NOT the members entrance
  9. Parents are welcome to enter the Clubhouse through the squash entrance or members entrance
Ox Ridge Club Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct


Ox Ridge is a private memebrs club with strict member and guest rules.  Please read and follow club etiquette and rules.

  • All players should enter and exit the Clubhouse through the squash entrance, please do not use the members entrance
  • Please refrain from talking on cell phones in and around the Clubhouse (take calls quietly in the parking lot)
  • Players should plan on leaving the Clubhouse shortly after their practice ends
  • Players should not be roaming around the Clubhouse, and should never go upstairs or into the dining room
  • If players don’t throw away their trash, parent volunteers have to clean-up after them
  • Please refrain from running and screaming in the Clubhouse and around the property
  • For the safety of children, no one under age 11 may be in riding facilities, squash or platform tennis courts or Clubhouse without direct adult supervision
  • For the safety of horses, you should not enter the riding facilities and interact with the horses
  • Please drive slowly when on Ox Ridge Club property, children and horses will be in and around the parking lot
Take your squash to the next level at Ox Ridge Club
Three Trial Classes
Darien Squash Team players are invited to sample up to 3 classes at ORC, which may include a lesson, clinic, and/or match play.  Please note that non-member rates apply. 
Individual junior seasonal membership: ~$110 month (no initiation fee) *
Unlimited access to ORC squash courts and squash programs (lessons, clinics, match play).  Member pricing below. 

Family seasonal membership: ~$320 month (no initiation fee) **
Unlimited access for you and your family to the squash courts and programs , paddle courts and programs, fitnesss, and dining (opening spring 2020).  Member pricing below. 


* Does not include access to fitness, paddle, riding, dining, guests are not allowed

** Does not include access to riding, guests are not allowed