Darien Squash, Inc. is a local organization dedicated to the growth and development of squash for young residents of Darien (kindergarten-12th grade).

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Spring 2022 DETAILS TBA

Squash Racquet

Squash Safety goggles

Non-marking squash sneakers are required.  Please do not wear your squash sneakers outside; always change into street shoes before and after you enter the squash courts.

Dress Code and Team Uniform

Solid white tops and solid white bottoms are required to practice at Ox Ride Hunt Club. Shoes and socks can have color.  You can purchase white apparel anyplace, including at in the Ox Ridge Hunt Pro Shop, and at Gut Reaction in the Goodwives Plaza.

The official uniform is a white team shirt with solid white bottoms. 


Entering the Clubhouse


Unlike previous seasons, players are asked to enter and exit the Ox Ridge clubhouse through the main entrance which is closer to the stables. Players should continue to drop their equipment and change into their sneakers outside of the doubles courts.  Again, please do NOT use the door next to the paddle court to enter or exit the clubhouse.

Ox Ridge Hunt Club Rules, Regulations and Conduct

Ox Ridge Hunt Club is a private members club with strict member and guest rules.  Please read and follow club etiquette and rules.

  • Please refrain from talking on cell phones in and around the Clubhouse (take calls quietly in the parking lot)
  • Players should plan on leaving the Clubhouse shortly after their practice ends
  • Players should not be roaming around the Clubhouse, and should never go upstairs or into the dining room
  • No eating in the squash area, please clean-up after yourself
  • Please refrain from running and screaming in the Clubhouse and around the property
  • No one under age 16 may in the fitness center
  • For the safety of horses, no one should enter the riding facilities and interact with the horses
  • For the safety of children, no one under age 11 may be in riding facilities, squash or platform tennis courts or Clubhouse without direct adult supervision
  • Please drive slowly when on Ox Ridge Club property, children and horses will be in and around the parking lot
Create a Free US Squash Account

All players are required to have a US Squash Account to participate on this team, please click here to setup your free account, https://www.ussquash.com/serve/?program=newaccount

Darien Squash Challenge Ladder Rules
Please read about how Darien Squash runs the team challenge laddder.  It’s important to learn and follow these rules: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=117122&org=dariensquash.com
Program fee does NOT include team matches.
Matches are largely dependent on parent volunteers being available to manage team matches.
All players will be invited to participate in matches against local clubs, and while we always try to give everyone fair and equal playing time, not all players will be rostered.
Players are rostered for a match based on the number of players the opposing team is bringing, and then matching skill level (rating and experience) to an opposing player.
If the home or opposing club charges match fees, players will be responsible for their portion (typically $10-$35 per player).

Withdrawals / Late Registrations

Darien Squash reserves the right to cancel sessions due to less than minimum registration. Cancellation decisions will be made before the start of a season, and Darien Squash will issue a full refund or credit to those registered for the cancelled session. If a class is cancelled due to weather conditions or Ox Ridge Club closing, Darien Squash will reschedule the group class for later date in the season.
Makeup Policy
Program participants register for classes on specific dates and times. Unless Darien Squash cancels a class, and provides for a makeup, attendance in scheduled classes is the responsibility of the participant. We cannot provide makeup classes or allow the participant to attend a different class.
Contact Information

Email is our primary means of communication.

We keep the dariensquash.com current with the most up-to-date information, so please check it regularly

If you have questions, please email the following people:

  • Head Parent Volunteer, Kevin,
  • Coach,